To Leave but How to Leave? — That is a Question about Article 50, or not really?

Like it or not, the Brexiteers have pronounced the departure from the EU of the Dual Kingdom of England and Wales .

But the leavers seem too busy with the farewell parties to prepare, or never ever care, packing for the venture ahead.

Indeed, weep as you wish, citizens of the Scot London, of the United Ireland, of the Peoples’ Republic of Brighton & Hove. “I have don’t my bit…I couldn’t possibly achieve more.” Sayonara…

Like it or not, for many livers, the package has to be done and the deed has to be completed.

But …

How … ?

Easy … The code is hidden in a black box called Article 50, beside which Dr Aris Georgopoulos and many other EU law scholars are waiting for you. They are supplying keys in various shapes though, be warned.



Article 50 a


Article 50 b


Article 50 c

For the full article by Dr Aris Georgopoulos , please refer to:

‘Brexit’, Article 50 TEU and the Constitutional Significance of the UK Referendum

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